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Who I am

Sometimes we are lucky enough to figure out what it is we were made to do. For me, that’s telling stories. I remember back in elementary school when I would fold computer paper in half and create my own book, cover art and all. After that, I migrated to the computer and started writing all kinds of stories on a word processor for kids (complete with crazy clip art!) and, finally, onto a dedicated word processor. Despite all these changes to my writing style over the years, my love of the written word has never waned.

I love to write stories about women who can not only overcome their circumstances but also grow and overcome the demons that live within their own hearts and minds. I also love to write stories about magic, because, hey, who couldn’t use a little magic in their life? I believe that stories are a way for us to connect to each other, to understand and empathize, to realize we are not alone and be encouraged. This is why I write.

What else about me? I am a neuroscientist. I am a Ravenclaw. I am a Christian. A musician. An artist. Full-fledged nerd. I am a lifetime reader and book addict. I can’t get enough books, and they come with me everywhere I go.

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Available Now! This Cursed Flame

Six years ago, Janan was transformed into a genie by an evil djinn, ripping her away from her home, her life, and her humanity. She has been on the run from him ever since. Worlds away, high school honors student Laurelin just wants to get into the chemistry program of her dreams.

When Laurelin discovers a crystal bottle that sucks her into the djinn realm, the girls find themselves working together to escape Janan’s creator and get Laurelin back home. But war is brewing in the djinn realm—a rebellion led by the same evil djinn they’ve been trying to escape. And he is determined to rule both the djinn and the human realms. As his creation, Janan is the one person standing in his way.

But to stop him, Janan must learn to overcome the fears he instilled in her and embrace her own dark magic while Laurelin must accept that some things are more important than an A+. Now, they will have to trust each other, and themselves, to stop the encroaching evil. Otherwise, both the human and djinn realms will fall to the tide of death and dark magic this war will unleash.

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I offer a variety of services for authors at every stage of their process, including editing, biology consulting, and fantasy cartography. You can see what is currently available on this page.


June 2019: Seasons of Magic is active! Book 1 (novelette length) will be released in August as Fireflies and Faeries #1, “Of the Clouds”

April 2019: This Cursed Flame is out now! Paperbacks are available through Amazon, and you can purchase it from Amazon here or anywhere else here.

Older: I am officially a two-time finalist for fairy tale retelling short stories. These stories are not yet available, but check out Seasons of Magic for more news!

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